How Men Can Take Personal, Simple Care Of Their Skin

How Men Can Take Personal, Simple Care Of Their Skin

(Image via Geologie)

When skincare is the second-largest branch of the beauty industry, discerning customers looking for a no-BS line of products that will truly work naturally have a difficult time sorting through options. Geologie is an example of an effective skincare line that utilizes a personalized approach to beat the competition.

Shoppers with an eye for quality can get started with a personalized trial set of its products for as low as $20. Subscribe and save up to 40% off your first purchase — the 30 Day Essential Trial Set is $20 ($30 reg.), and  the 30 Day Complete Trial Set $30 (reg. $50).

Walking up and down aisles of moisturizers and acne creams at your local pharmacy is an uninspiring and half-baked approach to finding a product that works. Instead of grabbing the same face cream as your buddy, or some stranger (neither of whom are likely to share your same skin type), opt for something designed specifically for you. Geologie, for example, uses personalized formulas based on a short questionnaire to provide the right amounts of clinically-proven ingredients to deliver you the results you want.

Those of you who have ever dealt with persistent skin issues know that finding a product that actually makes you feel better — soothes whatever’s uncomfortable, moisturizes whatever’s dry, fixes any blemishes — is difficult. So, it makes sense to seek out a brand or line of products that takes a sensible approach to skincare such as personalizing formulas, and one that’s been praised by the majority of its users.

One happy Geologie customer named Paul E. from Edmonton, Canada wrote, “Geologie is a game changer! Hands down the best skincare products I’ve ever had!” Additionally, it’s earned over 4,000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars.

To get an idea of how Geologie helps guys win by preventing wrinkles, reducing oiliness, and fighting acne, just head to Then it’s easy. You just take the quiz, and tell Geologie about your skin and goals, and then their team of dermatologists will design a regimen for you. Then, they will mail you a personalized regimen of four products that take just minutes to apply. And from that point on, Geologie’s customer service team is available for support and specialized skin consultation.

To men ranging from young teens to young adults: your skin matters, and it’s worth treating it well, especially when doing so is so easy. From aiding in a bid for self improvement, to preventing lasting scars and discomfort, to feeling healthier and more attractive — a great skincare line can change your life.

To try one out that’s as well manufactured and effective as they come, give the personalized trial with Geologie a shot for as low as $20.