‘A Team of Straight Hustlers’: How Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts is Trailblazing With All-Women Management Team

The Philadelphia Eagles have been dominating the NFL with their undefeated status ahead of Super Bowl 2023 — led by quarterback Jalen Hurts, who is trailblazing paths on and off the field.

Hurts is setting a new record in professional sports with his all-women management team. Following the Eagles’ latest win on Sunday against the Cowboys, football fans started taking notice of the team of women supporting Hurts on his 6-0 start.

“I have a team of straight hustlers. And that’s how I am on the field and off the field,” Hurts told Sports Illustrated.

The news is only making NFL fans more fond of Hurts, who continues to speak highly of the women, ahead of what could be the Eagles’ return to the Super Bowl after their championship win in 2018.

“Quarterback Jalen Hurts showing em how to get the job done!” one fan wrote.

“Its hard not to root for Jalen, he’s proof that hard work pays off and he’s smart enough to surround himself with very smart women. Smart guy,” added someone else.

“Hire the best people. That’s what Jalen Hurts did,” one user wrote. “Congrats to all these deserving women.”

In August, the former Alabama and Oklahoma quarterback opened up about acquiring his all-woman management team. NFL agent, Nicole Lynn, had no clue that the Instagram message she sent Hurts would lead to a job.

“All this synergy,” she recalls of sending off the DM on impulse. “I didn’t expect him to even see it.”

Hurts says he was willing to “hear her out,” and what came of it, was a new partnership. Now with five women backing the Eagles quarterback, Hurts admits he initially was skeptical about the decision.

“People had doubts on me,” Hurts said. “People still have doubts on me.”

Having experienced his own doubts from the NFL world, Hurts says he and Lynn bonded over the odds they knew were against them.

“That turns me up,” Hurts said. “It lights a fire in me. It does something to me, because I know I’ll prove you wrong.”

“But I saw that same fire in Nicole. She said, ‘I’m a woman. People are going to overlook me. People are going to doubt me.'”

“They’re not going to give me the due respect,” he continued. “But I’m overcoming it, just like you do.’ And that’s where we really hit it off. We had the same vision.”