How "Raising a Mogul TV" Creates Entrepreneurial Kids

Tamara Lewis is a mother of three children, one of whom—Zandra Azariah Cunningham—is a young mogul and the founder of Zandra Beauty, a natural bath and body product line targeting young women. At just 9 years old, Cunningham was hit with the entrepreneurial bug. Yet with little business experience, Lewis and family have grown the company beyond products and into a lifestyle brand featuring empowerment workshops, STEAM beauty camps, and spa parties.


Recently, Lewis launched Raising a Mogul TV, a platform to share her lessons learned from raising a teenpreneur and support the journey as moms of young moguls. The radio show airs weekly on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM EST. It will also live stream to Facebook, Periscope, YouTube and record via podcast. Here she shares her journey and talk show format.

Beyond your experiences raising a teenpreneur, what inspired you to launch Raising a Mogul TV?


I want to make life a little easier for moms that are where I was five to six years ago. At that time, I was single, climbing the corporate ladder, and struggling to hold it all together. My children were my reason. I had three children who I knew were destined for greatness, however, that greatness needed to be nurtured, positioned, and fine-tuned before it could manifest. I had no idea where to begin.

Were you prepared for the growth and success of Zandra Beauty?


I wasn’t. When Zandra started there weren’t many resources available. I knew business but when you’re raising a 9-year-old entrepreneur, it adds a new set of challenges. I felt very alone on the journey.

Today, there are programs that will help children launch a business, however, there is nothing specifically designed for the parent managing that child. From my unpreparedness and confusion early on, Raising A Mogul was born.


What types of content can we expect?


I am curating a league of moms that have raised successful young moguls, some are well-known, others are just getting started. We’ll discuss topics such as parenting, business education, mentorship, time management, and self-care and how to raise driven and confident children.

I will also provide moms a platform to share their personal success stories and businesses so they might profitably build collaborations for themselves and their moguls.