Millennials: How to Sell Your Web Platform ... Again and Again

Millennials Eyeing Millions: How to Sell Your Web Platform … Again and Again

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Would you consider yourself an entrepreneur who builds tech platforms to sell?

I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur who builds stuff to sell. Recently, I’ve observed that many public companies are interested in some of my ideas. They either wish to partner with me or buy me out. I have a big list of idea, hence I tend to sell. What I really want is a company or an investor that will give me access to capital, then with this capital I can hire high-impact team members and create global products.

Most times when a company is interested in my business concept, they always tend to buy out my business in its entirety. I’ve sometimes rejected such offers, and my business concept might suffer from there because my some of my concepts are bootstrapped by my personal finances and savings. I’m not planning to sell Workistry. My plan is to make the site a human IPO.

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That sounds amazing. So, what are three emerging needs or niche industries that tech entrepreneurs should invest in to see success in terms of revenue and profits?

Data Management & Security: The world is now a big avenue of data. Companies use a ton of data to basically interpret your life. It’s from such data they can offer solutions. However, with data you have to figure out how to effectively give out the right information to the right party and also how to safeguard that information.

Mobile: Any tool that will offer convenience, ease and fast access will always sell, and that’s where the mobile space comes in. Whether it’s the ability to negotiate deals online, virtually work, bet or watch live games, any service that can offer convenience, engagement, speed and affordability will be big money makers.

Recycling: It seems every minute a new technology device comes out, but what happens to the old products? What will happen to the old iPhone 4 or the Samsung R220 you’ve had for a while now? Recycling simply means taking a bad or old product and reproducing it to become something very useful.

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