How This Detroit Couple Got Their Hair Products in 300 Walmart Stores
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How This Detroit-Based Couple Got Their Signature Hair Products In Over 300 Walmart Stores

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(Photo Courtesy of Henry and Haith Johnson)

It is no secret that there is nothing more inseparable than a woman and her family and secondly, a woman and her hair. In fact, she could easily justify missing a routine dental appointment before missing a hair appointment. For women, especially women of color, her hair affirms who she is, reaffirms her self-esteem, boosts her confidence, and celebrates her femininity.

Le’Host Hair and Wigs is owned and operated by Haith and Henry Johnson, who have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Their business operation prides itself on high standards of excellence, customer service, and integrity. Over the years, they have worked with high profile celebrities, in film productions, and on TV shows, music videos, and award shows. Currently, they have an impressive inventory of over 300 wigs in stock to choose from at their Ferndale store outside of Detroit.

The Johnsons know the ins-and-outs of servicing women with various haircare needs, including unique challenges they are often faced with. They service women who wear luxury wigs as well as natural and protective styles. Le’Host also specializes in creating custom wigs for cancer patients who have been affected by hair loss and those who suffer from alopecia. The results for their customers and clientele have been truly transformational inside and out.

Le’Host’s complete product line has proven to be a staple with their customer and client base and currently is stocked in large store chains (such as Meijer) throughout the Detroit metro area. In the fall of 2020, Le’Host had the exclusive opportunity of pitching their products to the largest retailer in the world—Walmart. They were selected with products dropping into 300-plus retail stores in February within the southwest and southeast regions of the U.S. Some of the major cities include Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Raleigh, Cincinnati, Nashville, Memphis, Virginia Beach, and Washington, DC.

“We are delighted to serve the masses by making our products available for public consumption and are thrilled that Walmart is the perfect partner with their trusted brand and retail platform.” -Haith johnson

Walmart was extremely impressed Le’Host’s signature products: 1) Protect and Shine Laminate and 2) Unlock Hair Detangler, primarily for their multi-functionality with wigs and natural/protective styles. They are offering an innovative alternative for women to care for and maintain their hair holistically, healthily, and hassle-free which is attractive to the wig care and haircare markets. This is particularly appealing to a large number of women whether caring for their hair at home or preparing for the next Zoom meeting.

Le’Host Hair and Wigs i

Le’Host is excited to deploy a host of brand ambassadors or “Beauty Cuties” to maintain a market buzz in spreading the word and inviting women to try the products in their respective cities and neighboring small towns. They are also collaborating with celebrity influencers, beauty salons, hairstylists, and wig shops to offer product samples.

“We strongly anticipate our products to fly off the shelves and are confident that we are providing the right solutions at the right time for our customers.” -Henry johnson

The other side of Le’Host’s beauty is its mission of paying it forward by giving back to the community. Love That Works is a program that helps young ladies rescued from human trafficking to safely re-enter back into society. Also, there are future plans to resume working with incarcerated men to actively aid their transition through a reentry program.

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