Office Hero: How to Become that Go-To Gal (or Guy)

Office Hero: How to Become that Go-To Gal (or Guy)

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Who doesn’t love to be respected and popular? It’s not about brown-nosing or being a know-it-all. It’s about positioning yourself as someone people can trust and count on. The go-to professional is exceptional, knowledgeable and an awesome problem-solver, all indispensable qualities that add value to a company.

Brazen Careerist details tips on how you can become the professional your company can’t— and won’t— do without:

Keep calm and carry on. Deadline will blow up. Big deals will suddenly crumble. That’s the nature of working anywhere; sometimes sh** happens. But while everyone else is panicking and pointing fingers, a Go-To gets down to work to see what he can do to damage control.

Be cool. Be collected. Be a rock that others can depend on. The next time a critical project comes up that needs extra-special care, guess who the boss is going to think of first for the job?

Go above and beyond. If your report is due on Monday, turn it in on Friday (with a few extra stats thrown in that you weren’t required to include, but that you thought the company would find helpful). If you’re filing and you notice the system’s a little hard to navigate, propose a better way to organize it. Heck, if the coffee pot is out of water and that’s technically “the receptionist’s job,” refill it yourself–then wipe up the spills around it.

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