How to Avoid Easy Career Mistakes

How to Avoid Easy Career Mistakes

Mistakes in your career are inevitable. There are some things that are in your control and others that are not. One thing that you unequivocally have control over is your behavior. Having a good demeanor is important to the image that you want to portray to your co-workers. A smile and a “how are you?” could go a long way. Your good behavior should outweigh the bad. No one wants to be known as moody and unhelpful; a basic pain to work with. Laura Vanderkam of CBS Moneywatch highlights a career mistake that anyone could make, but could be easily avoided.

Drinking too much at a work function. Mixing business with pleasure can be an extremely risky move. It is helpful to keep in mind that when at event hosted by your job you are still “at work”. It is imperative that you know your limits so you don’t do or say something that will later embarrass you.

Vanderkam attributes two things to making an alcoholic blunder:

I think the first issue is that at work functions, unless you own the company, someone else is usually picking up the tab. People have a tendency to over-consume free things.

Second, the presence of alcohol makes any situation seem social.

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