How to Choose the Best Co-working Space for Your Tech Startup

How to Choose the Best Co-working Space for Your Tech Startup

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Co-working spaces have taken firm hold in the community of tech startups.

There seem to be some benefits to working cooperatively. According to a Global Coworking Survey, benefits reported include improved focus, creativity, standard of work, and ability to meet deadlines.

Another benefit is the communal “entrepreneurial air.” That is, you are sharing a space with those who are also of the same mindset of launching a business. That creates a great opportunity to exchange ideas and to find inspiration.

Co-working spaces tend to have a few features in common; they offer Wi-Fi and Internet access; office machines such as printers and copiers; and meeting spaces. Some even offer perks such as food and drinks; events; social media marketing; rooftop gardens, business mentors, and more.

Entrepreneurs of color and women may also want to search for co-working spaces with multiethnic staff and ones that are female-friendly. You can get a good gauge on the demographics of a space by paying it a visit and taking note of the other entrepreneurs and also the makeup of the co-working space’s staff.

Your startup is your baby, and you want to nurture that baby in a safe, productive environment. When shopping for co-working spaces ask a few questions:

Is there more than one location? If so, do they all offer the same features?

Can you get deliveries sent there or set up a P.O. Box?

What are the hours and days of access?

Is the space noisy or relatively quiet?

How large of a team can it accommodate?

Can you use the same desk or space, day after day?

Does the space offer storage?

If there parking available? What about a place to safely lock up bikes?

Can you keep equipment there overnight (such as laptops, monitors, storage servers) securely?

Some co-working spaces overlap into the incubator/accelerator service area, offering new companies guidance and advice on getting a business off the ground.  In general, most co-working spaces just provide you the tools and surroundings you need to start and conduct your business.

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