8 Days to Action: DAY 3, Using Problems as Fuel for Success

8 Days to Action: DAY 3, Using Problems as Fuel for Success

We challenge you, in this eight-day series, to get in the driver’s seat of your life so that you can direct it where you want to go. Based on The 8 Cylinders of Success,â„¢ this series will help you discover ways to align those cylinders and thus create the most powerful vehicle possible from your life. The more cylinders you are able to align, the more powerful your personal movement.

DAY THREE: Problems = Your Fuel

Problems are the fuel that powers your journey. They are the substance that your creative mind consumes to stay alive. Since the beginning of life, problems have always existed in the world. Imagine the problems the minds of the first living beings had to address. How do we stay warm in winter? How do we store food? How do we avoid disease? Problems are fuel when we use them as motivation, but they are roadblocks when we allow them to stop us.

Sometimes when things happen in our lives, we ask, “Why did this happen to me?” This question comes from the victim mentality—as if we’re the only one in the world to whom tough things happen. An alternative question to ask is, “Why did this happen for me?” This way of asking the question assumes that everything that happens to us happens for us and creates a unique experience of life that positions us to serve and solve problems for others. The purpose of your journey thus far may be to help those behind you avoid taking the route you chose or experienced. The events in our lives that we think we need to hide because they hurt can be sources of fuel on our journey if we learn how to turn negative e-motion (emotional energy) into positive motion.

Fuel is simply stored energy ready to set something in motion as it is transformed and burned off. In other words, social and business problems have stored potential in them for new ideas, innovations and businesses energy. But in order to find the right solutions to the problems you see in the world you have to ask the right questions first.  The problems that businesses solve are called consumer pain points or gain points. Apple solved the consumer need to access and manage their digital music by creating the iPod and iTunes. A business that isn’t solving a problem won’t be in business for long.

In the same way that a company was created to solve its customers’ needs, you have been created to solve an outstanding need in someone’s life directly or through an organization. And the size of the problem you commit to trying to solve will determine your contribution and impact on the world.

Activity: Write one question that you think you would be excited to wake up every day and try to solve.

Example: How do I help people align someone’s purpose and passions with a profession so that they can make their highest contribution daily?

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Jullien “Purpose Finder” Gordon is founder of The Department of Motivated Vehicles, a personal and professional development company that specializes in motivating individuals, employees and teams. In addition to The 8 Cylinders of Success featured in this series, he has written four books on career advancement, goal-setting and procrastination, and maximizing college. He serves as consultant and speaker to companies, colleges and other organizations across the nation.