How to Protect Your Technology This Summer

How to Protect Your Technology This Summer

You’ve spent months preparing for summer, getting the backyard and deck ready for summer soirees, finalizing those last minute specifics for that week-long vacation, and hitting the gym a little harder to tone your soon-to-be beach bod. But did you prep your tech tools for the heat?

Whether you plan to take your gadgets near the pool or work outside, Mashable has outlined ways to protect your tech this summer:

Keep Cool

If you do nothing else, keep your tech in the shade. During the summer months, it’s easy for your gadgets to overheat, so keep them in a cool, shady area as often as possible. If you do realize your phone, for example, has overheated in the sun, let it cool slowly. But don’t try to rush the process by sticking it in the freezer or fridge.

And for those choosing to work outside, place your laptop on a cooling pad. Also, try cleaning your laptop fan to keep the device cooler.

If you plan to leave the sandals and swimwear for snow gear, keep your phone protected in an inside pocket, or somewhere close to your body, to stop it from chilling or experiencing temperature changes that can lead to visual distortions in the display. To prevent condensation from occurring inside your phone, let your phone return to its normal temperature gradually.

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