How to Raise Your Credit Score in 2019

Working at Experian and in banking, I have knowledge on how to raise your credit score in 2019. For instance, did you know you should have two credit cards maximum, for personal or business use? As always: pay your bills on time; keep long-line history. And two new credit programs can help you boost your credit score in 2019.

New Credit Program from Experian 

Experian recently announced Experian Boost, which will allow consumers to influence their credit scores by showing on-time payments for utilities, phones, and cable TV.

In order for the program to work for you, you have to give Experian permission to access your bank account information so that the agency can access your payment history. Once access is given, you can calculate your immediate score. Roughly 8 million people could potentially move into the fair (580-669) or good (670-739) credit ranges under the new system,” according to Experian. This credit boost can help with getting apartments, homes, insurance, and more.

UltraFICO Program 

Another new program is Ultra FICO. UltraFICO was created for people with dings on their credit histories. About 4 million consumers may see an increase of 20 points with the new program, according to representatives at FICO. The average card interest rate is currently at a record 17.41%, according to That’s up from 16.15% one year earlier and 15.22% two years ago. Credit card debt is now $1 trillion. In addition, tax liens have now been excluded from credit reports for a little time now.

In addition, remember:

  • Keep your credit utilization below 30%
  • Dispute inaccuracies on your credit report either online or by letters in the mail
  • Use 0% interest balance transfers to your advantage
  • Do not close long-standing credit card lines
  • Keep inquiries to a minimum

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