How to Share a Google Calendar without a Google Apps Subscription

How to Share a Google Calendar without a Google Apps Subscription

Google Apps is a great and affordable cloud service offering a word processing app, spreadsheets, slideshow maker, mail, calendar and more.

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To get the most out of Google Apps, one needs a Google Apps subscription. For a small team or business, the pricing is $5 per user, per month.

What if you are a small business or team and only need one particular app? I was recently asked by a small team how they could share Google Calendar for tracking one another’s whereabouts, without making a full commitment just yet to signing up for Google Apps.

There is a way to share Google Calendar among a small team (under 25 people, for example) without signing up for Apps.

Create the calendar:
Whomever will be responsible for managing the calendar creates it by signing into Google and clicking on the Calendar app. Within the app, clicking on the down arrow next to “My Calendar” will display “Create new calendar.”












Name the calendar and give it a description. Click “Create” at the bottom of the screen.











Share the calendar
Once the calendar is created, click the down arrow next to the calendar and then “Share this Calendar.”

Under “Share with Specific People,” enter the email address of the person with whom you wish to share the calendar. Set permissions for that individual to let them manage, add events, or only view the calendar.