How to Transition from Full-Time Worker to Full-Time Student

How to Transition from Full-Time Worker to Full-Time Student

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You’re working nine-hour days and attempting to pursue higher education. Leaving you with a mental imbalance, no social life, and an over-stressed situation, you’re having thoughts of ditching your job to become a full-time student. After all, besides the money, you’re not feeling what your job has to offer your future anyway.

For a moment you may be wondering ‘who does that?’ Who quits a full-time job to become a student? Well, surprisingly, in the midst of a recession, many people are choosing to turn in their work badge for a student I.D.

While some graduate and PH.d programs may be considerate of your work schedule and offer flexible options, others aren’t and may even recommend that you don’t work at all. Most PH.d programs prefer you to commit yourself to a full-time student status. The idea of leaving a stable salary and impressive benefits is not ideal; however it may be the best option if you’re serious about your studies and furthering your education and eventually your career.

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