TMI, Much? How Disclosing Too Much Relationship Drama Can Taint Your Professional Reputation

TMI, Much? How Disclosing Too Much Relationship Drama Can Taint Your Professional Reputation

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When author and relationship expert Tionna Smalls sat down with earlier this year to talk about her business ventures, she discussed the important role social media has played in expanding her brand. Smalls’ topnotch ability to maintain a healthy career and love life while utilizing social networks to promote her endeavors is proof that social media might not be the best place to dish on your personal relationships in detail, especially if you’re looking to make quality professional connections.

Below are three reasons blasting every seedy detail about your relationships on social media can taint your brand:

Diminishes credibility: Far too often, people use social media as an outlet to express the negative issues going on in their personal relationships without realizing the harm the disclosure can do. Talking publicly about domestic issues may cause your professional network to lose sight of what you offer in the job market and can diminish your credibility when it comes to sound judgment and professionalism. It’s just messy.

Interferes with productivity: Constantly updating your Facebook status or Twitter account with details about your relationship throughout the day will not only show your boss and coworkers that you have drama, but it’ll also show you are not completely focused. It may also lead your boss to believe your personal issues will negatively affect your work.

Damages your chances of a future job: Social media is one of the first things that employers check to get an inside peek at the type of person that they are about to interview and hire. If your social media profile doesn’t match that of a professional image, then it’s very common for an employer to put your resume at the bottom of the stack and move on to the next candidate.