Hundreds Of ‘Stop Cop City’ Protestors Clash With Atlanta Police

Hundreds Of ‘Stop Cop City’ Protestors Clash With Atlanta Police

The protestors were halted by police due to lacking a permit for the march.

As over 400 people gathered to protest “Cop City,” an area designated to become a massive police training facility in Atlanta, police and firefighters resorted to extreme measures to stunt their march.

According to the Associated Press, tear gas and flash-bang grenades were used by law enforcement during the Nov. 13 demonstration, deemed “Block Cop City,” as protestors marched for nearly 2 miles in the ongoing mission to stop the training site’s development.

Among the chants was “Viva Viva Tortuguita,” referring to the slain activist shot by police during a camp-out in the forest for the cause.

As the protestors and police began to collide, marchers donned equipment to protect against the commonly used chemicals to quash resistance efforts. The tension escalated as more tear gas was thrown; one protestor threw a canister back at the cops.

Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said law enforcement was brought out to stop the march because protestors lacked a permit. He suggested, based on their preparation by bringing gas masks, that their intentions were for violence to erupt.

March organizers were adamant that their activism is aligned with civil disobedience.

“The police continue to show themselves to be a group that is weaponized against the larger public, particularly the larger public that has the nerve to protest against police violence and police actions,” said Kamau Franklin of Community Movement Builders. Franklin also told protestors to refrain from vandalizing or damaging any persons or property.

The warning comes after 61 activist were indicted in August on racketeering charges obtained by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.

However, the fight against Cop City continue. Protestors argue that its completion would lead to damaging effects on the environment on the surrounding Black neighborhoods as well as an increased police presence in Atlanta.

Despite the physical escalation at the most recent demonstration, no arrests were made.