Most Iconic Black Business-Celebrity Relationships Ever

You Make Me Better…Most Iconic Black Business-Celebrity Relationships Ever

ossie davis and ruby dee
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Known as one of the most talented and socially active couples of our time, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis are certainly a pair whose union will never be forgotten. Joining forces in 1948, each had careers in Hollywood that spanned over 60 years. They were married for 57 and bore three children. Not only did they pave the way for many black actors, writers, and directors after them by not allowing themselves to be typecasted, they also participated in the Civil Rights Movement, helping to organize the March on Washington in 1965. Davis was in the early production phases of a film when he passed away in 2005. Knowing her husband was a strong advocate for education, the Ossie Davis Endowment was started to keep his legacy alive. Ruby Dee is still working and a documentary of her and Ossie’s relationship, Life Essentials by Ruby Dee, is set to release later this year. Part of the film was screened at the Schomburg Center for Ruby Dee’s 90th birthday which she celebrated in October of 2012. In the film, Ruby states, “It was the most magical experience in the world to be married to Ossie, and I think he felt the same about me.”

President Barack & Michelle Obama

The first couple has won many American hearts in the family’s first four years in the White House and we are ready to see them for another four. The Harvard Law School graduates both had flourishing careers before President Obama was elected into office and supported each others successes.

Meeting while working at the Law firm Sidley Austin, Michelle was assigned to be Barack’s summer adviser. Before allowing Barack to take her on a date, he had to meet her family first. They approved and the rest is history.

Throughout the years of their marriage and the now president’s term, Michelle continued her work up until very close to the end of their 2008 campaign, and is one of the most active first ladies to come to the White House. One of only three first lady’s with a Master’s Degree, one should not be surprised if they see her running for president in the future.

Now being called “Icons of Love” by experts, after all have seen their open displays of support, including their infamous fist bumps, and making sure they fit time for vacationing with their family into their busy schedules, President Barack and Michelle will be remembered for their commitment to their roles, families, and certainly each other.

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