ICU Nurse Helena Faustin’s Cooking Blog Is A Side Hustle, But Its Raking In The Dough

ICU Nurse Helena Faustin’s Cooking Blog Is A Side Hustle, But Its Raking In The Dough

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse Helena Faustin is raking in the dough from her side hustle a cooking blog where she shares detailed recipes and cooking videos.

During the day, Faustin is a nurse at a hospital in Freeport, NY, but at night the nurse runs her cooking blog  “That Nurse Can Cook,” and a Youtube page where she shares detailed Caribbean recipes and cooking videos including curry turkey neck and Trinidadian style chicken and beef pelau.

Faustin told CNBC cooking is one of her true callings and the work ethic she has in her side hustle reflects that.

“When I first started this side hustle, I legit was so passionate about seeing my dreams come true that I did not stop,” said Faustin. “I literally worked every single day that I was not working at the hospital.”

Faustin added that the cost to operate her cooking blog and videos is around $700 between groceries, ring lights and production materials. The mother of two paid the cost and last year she saw a profit from her moonlighting that exceeded her daytime earnings.

Between brand partnerships, e-cookbook sales and Youtube revenue the nurse brought in an additional $117,000 in 2021. Faustin added that it wasn’t about the money for her as much as knowing it could lead to more options for her and her family.

“I felt like I was going to work really and truly out of necessity,” said the mother of two who added that it’s more than just the money.

“You have bills to pay, you have mouths to feed and the work has to go on no matter what. I said to myself, ‘Gee, if I could have more autonomy over my life, I’d be able to make a lot more decisions for myself and for my family,” she said.

Faustin also added the recipes she uses include traditions that her family holds close to their hearts and she never thought her side hustle would take off the way it has. The mom has also included her two kids and her husband in her videos as an example of how important family is to her.