Idris Elba

Idris Elba Gets Into The Global Marketing and Content Game With New Agency ‘Silly Face’

Idris Elba is capturing our hearts in new ways.

The British heartthrob has launched a new international marketing and content company called SillyFace, The Wrap reports. Headquartered in London, and with offices in New York and Los Angeles, the company will help brands improve on diversity representation in the advertising space. Elba is partnering with independent British media group Miroma Group owner Marc Boyan..

SillyFace’s name was inspired by the actor’s plea to bring back a sense of fun to the space.

“I’m at my creative best when I am relaxed, not anxious or considering all the ‘what ifs.’ However, this isn’t always the atmosphere that creatives are faced with when brand building,” Elba said, according to a press release on the Miroma Group website. “SillyFace is here to bring back that feeling of creative excellence. We want more voices, more views, and open, mutually respected ideation.”

Elba and Boyan decided to start their own brand after looking to acquire a British public broadcast station. However, after the government decided against selling it, the deal fell through.

The Hijack star says today’s climate in the entertainment space makes it hard for brands to be successful. “Consumers are so smart, now, they can smell the b*******, they want to be sort of treated with integrity, they want to be represented,” Elba said. “This new venture will give me the ability to create powerful marketing campaigns. Campaigns that will truly resonate and engage with the people I want to connect with…I can’t wait to get started.”

This is not the only partnership Elba has established in order to create the content people are looking for. Earlier this year, Elba announced he is working with media mogul Mo Abudu to develop television and movie industries across Africa that will bring African stories to a broader audience.