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If You Like Our New Site, Tell Your Friends. (If You Don’t, Tell Us.)

very shortly. This will increase our popularity among the other blogs on the network. (People in our group can also rate our content. So far, group members have given our content a top, 5-star rating.) More importantly, when anyone clicks on one of our articles from our Networked Blogs profile page on Facebook, it brings them back to BlackEnterprise.com to read the article. Ideally, we can grow this network into at least a few thousand people, all of whom will be exposed to our site via their connection to our NetworkedBlog presence.

Then bookmark our NetworkedBlogs URL, http://www.networkedblogs.com/blog/blackenterprise.com, and e-mail the link to your network of contacts, and encourage them to do so as well. Remember, any link they click from this profile page will bring them to our site.

Down load our widgets to post on your social network profiles or into your blog or newsletter. Right now we have three widgets: “The Obama Inauguration Countdown Clock” (on the home page), “BlackEnterprise.com Recent Posts” (on the home page and most articles pages) and “Follow Alfred on Twitter” (on Alfred Edmond Jr.’s bio page and blog postings), with more to come. You’ll find all of our downloadable widgets (including one hosting video from our site) in our MultiMedia section.

Just click on the “Get Widget” tab found at the bottom of our widgets, and follow the instructions. (Basically, you will copy the embedded code, and click the “Edit Profile” or similar tab on your social network profile, and paste the code into the existing text where you want it to appear.) Once you post the widget, anybody who sees it on your profile can also download it to their profile or share it among their friends. Clicking on our widgets, no matter where they are found, will bring them back to our site.

Here are some examples of widget posts on some of my social network profiles: www.myspace.com/alfrededmondjr, http://mediapro.foliomag.com/profile/AlfredAEdmondJr, http://rutgersafricanamericanalumni.ning.com/profile/AlfredAEdmondJr)

If you are on Twitter, tweet to your followers regularly links to articles and other content on the site. If you establish an account at www.Ping.fm, it will condense URLs to fit within Twitter’s 140-character limit for messages. Also, if you are a member of more than one social network, Ping will allow you to update to as many of them as you want to simultaneously. I use this service to share info about our events, the magazine (I’ve been really hyping the January 2009 issue) and the website to my MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter and Linked-In networks simultaneously. Again, if you are on Twitter, or plan to join, be sure to connect with me so we can follow each other’s tweets: http://twitter.com/alfrededmondjr.

As we think of other things, we will let you know, just as we