[Part 2] African Hip-Hop Artist Ikechukwu Onunaku Comes Full Circle
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[Part 2] African Hip-Hop Artist Comes Full Circle

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So what’s his advice to young up and comers?

“Stay in school. Get an education. The more educated you are in general, the more of a chance you have at being successful at whatever it is you do. Hone your talent and never give up. Believe in yourself and never take no for an answer.”

Onunaku just wrapped shooting on a new movie, Badt Guy, directed by up and comer Ese Ovueraye, that should be completed by next year. A drama-action flick he intends to use as a promotional vehicle to showcase his range.

“Some of what has been the norm in Nollywood is really not my idea what movies coming out of Nigeria should be. I think we have the awareness and experience to increase the value and the integrity and quality of the pictures that are coming out and the stories that are being told. We are not just a nation of Juju and jazz, we are not just a nation of village life, not just a nation of sugar daddies and girls trying to exploit men – I mean there’s that — but we can do so much more.”