Video of Single Mom & 3 Kids Laying Outside McDonald's On Floor After Getting Kicked Out of Shelter
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Video of Single Mom & 3 Kids Laying Outside McDonald’s On Floor After Getting Kicked Out of Homeless Shelter, Goes Viral


A viral TikTok has emerged of a single mother of three, sharing her plight after the family was reportedly kicked out of a homeless shelter due to the surge of COVID-19 cases.

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In her first video, the distressed mom can be seen with her three children sleeping on the ground of a McDonald’s restaurant.

She explained: “Homeless Shelter Kicked Us Out N Now We On McDonald’s Floor Outside,” user @dsdt__draco wrote on the TikTok, shared on Dec. 27.

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Since then, the determined mother created and posted several follow-up videos responding to negative and positive comments. Despite the criticism, she held strong and shared her story with the world. She even assured the viewers that her children were taken care of—from eating and bathing to spending time outside at the park.

Her first video received over 1.2 million views, and to her surprise, an overwhelming amount of support, as per the Daily Dot.

She explained the events that led to why her family was displaced.

“People in the homeless shelter started getting COVID. So while they’re getting COVID, they’re putting people in rooms, separating people, and it just so happens I was one of the last people to get separated, and there was no room available for me. So we had to go,” she explained.

The outpouring of support led to curious inquiries about her circumstances.

She explained in a video that she and her children used to live in a home with mold, which hospitalized her youngest child for three weeks. They had to move back to Florida with her mother due to the financial impact of the medical bills.

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She shared that she had to put her children in daycare so she could go to work, and it cost $500 per week. Soon thereafter, her mother kicked her out as the woman’s brother was returning from the Navy and needed a place to stay, she explained.

Though in her current predicament, the mother of three stands firm in not taking money from people, instead she wants to work for it all.

“Once again, I do want to say thank you everybody for the positivity,” she says. “I love the positivity. I don’t want y’all money. I don’t want no handouts, none of that. Anything y’all could give me, God can give me 10 times more. I do appreciate it and I will appreciate anything, but I don’t want it.”

“I’m not the type of person to just take from people,” she says. “I’m gonna get it. Because I feel like if you can get it, I can get it myself.”

Almost teary-eyed, the mother expressed her gratitude for the support she received from viewers.

“I never had nobody support me like y’all supporting me, and it’s crazy cause y’all are f*cking strangers,” she says. “And my family won’t do the bare minimum. All my family tell me is, ‘give your babies up, just give them to somebody else and do it by yourself. Struggle by yourself.’”

“I’m not going to let my babies down. I’m not. And God is just testing me. He’s not going to give me kids and then put me through these tests if I wasn’t built for it. I’m built for this sh*t.”

In her most recent videos, the TikTok user has shared updates from a hotel room indicating that she was able to purchase clothes for the kids and fortunately able to bounce back.