‘I’m Sick of Kanye’: ‘Black Mother of Hollywood’ Jenifer Lewis Urges Rapper To Get Help

Black-ish actress Jenifer Lewis is known for her audaciously honest voice as the self-proclaimed “Mother of Black Hollywood.”

She continued to keep it real when she addressed disgraced rapper Kanye West’s anti-Semitic commentary in interviews and in the workplace.

In an interview on The Pascal Show, Lewis sat down with host Pascal Beauboeuf to talk about her latest book, Walking In My Joy In These Streets. The topic of West came up after Beauboeuf noted that the Black-ish mom mentioned the fashion designer in her book.

A clip of the particular discussion was posted to Instagram.

“I’m sick of Kanye,” Lewis responded.

“I was sick of him before he did all of this mess. I don’t care what he’s dealing with; shut your f*king mouth. You go sit down somewhere, all those kids who look up to his a**.”

Lewis continued to state her message as she looked directly in the camera. She urged West to get help especially for his four children whom he shares with Kim Kardashian.

“My name is Jenifer Lewis, I’m famous too not as famous as you but that does not excuse you from doing what you should be doing. Go get help, baby, your children are looking at you.”


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Lewis, who revealed in her 2017 memoir about her experiences with bipolar disorder, shared that she knows what pain West is enduring. But she wants West to realize how impactful his actions can be on his children and the next generation who supported him if he gets help.

“Do it for your children, do it for the next generation they gave you everything. They listen to your music just because you consider yourself a genius and a lot of people do.”

“Van Gough was a genius and they cut his f*king hair off. You hush now and go get some help.”

Social media has since praised Lewis for her thoughts on West’s actions.

“I felt every word in my soul! Yes Kanye please go get some help. Mrs. Jenifer knows what’s she is talking about. We praying for you,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“She knows the pain he’s dealing with. He’s sick & those around him need to stop enabling him. No more interviews, no more social media. Go. Get. Help! Do it for those beautiful babies of his,” another wrote.