Improve Your SAT/ACT Scores Now

Tyler Yarbrough attends Clarksdale High School in Clarksdale, Mississippi, where the average ACT score is 13. Tyler, a senior who will be graduating in May, describes the situation as “a sad state of affairs.”

But Tyler, upon learning about a new, free standardized test prep service, took the initiative and signed up “basically his whole high school,” Tom Rose told me. Rose is a co-founder of Testive, the new service, which combines the strengths of learning technology with human coaches.

Tyler used Testive and improved his score from 21, which is considered average, to a solid 26, putting him squarely in the sights of scholarship offers. Tyler told me in an e-mail that scholarship eligibility is important to him and others in his community.

“In my case, and in the case of many others in my community, college is only affordable through generous scholarships that colleges and organizations provide,” Tyler says. “I wanted to improve my ACT score to increase the number of scholarships I would qualify for.”


Live Tutor


I asked Tyler to describe his Testive experience for me.

“Testive was very intuitive. It kept me on track with daily text reminders and helped me get familiar with the core skills that are tested on the ACT. I had a study plan to do 80 problems a week, and I was fortunate enough to have a live tutor that met with me every Sunday to keep me on track. It was an amazing experience that helped me improve my ACT score,” says Tyler, who plans to study public policy in college.

What’s really impressive about Tyler is his community-minded spirit. He signed up so many of his peers that Rose and others at Testive thought something was wrong with the platform. When they traced all the new signups to Tyler, they called him.

“He persuaded us to provide Testive Advisor to his school for free,” Rose says. “That’s a $150,000 value.”


Three Versions


Testive is available in three ways:

  1. A free web-based version that comprises just the software.
  2. A version that includes a coach via video chat, which students meet with once a week for 30 minutes and costs $300 per month.
  3. Testive Advisor, which provides guided software and a score improvement guarantee, costs $100 per month.

For a limited time, Testive Advisor is being offered free to all students in Illinois and Colorado, so sign up now.

For more information, visit the Testive website.