Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts with this $15 Mailchimp Training

Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts with this $15 Mailchimp Training

Even with the proliferation of social media, email marketing is not dead. It’s far from it. According to data collected by the likes of Techjury, Statista, Content Marketing Institute, and SaleCycle, email marketing remains to result in a massive reach, with welcome emails and triggered emails yielding high open rates.

If you’re trying to grow your business online, there’s no doubt that you should still include email marketing in your strategy. This includes learning how to craft and personalize newsletters and attracting new subscribers, which Mailchimp can help out with. As one of the top marketing automation platforms in the market, the tool can be of great help with managing mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns. The Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation Essentials Training can teach you the basics, so you can start and grow your own mailing list.

Great for business owners and marketers who are new to Mailchimp and email marketing as a whole, this course is taught by Amir Rimer, an online instructor boasting a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. Across 35 lectures and two hours of content, you’ll discover how to maximize the potential of your email marketing efforts, so you will be able to consistently expand your mailing list and garner new subscribers. You’ll first understand the benefits of email marketing and the fundamentals of writing emails, and then jump into learning exactly how to create and grow an email list using Mailchimp.

You can also expect to learn tips on improving your email marketing campaigns and building up goodwill with your subscribers. The best part is every method introduced in the course is free and easy to implement, allowing you to build a lifelong mailing list that you can manage without hassle.

Formerly retailing for $200, the Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation Essentials Training is on sale for only $15.

Prices subject to change.