In A Special Place

There’s a standard in ambience that one expects when retreating to the Caribbean: azure waters, powdery white sands, fanning palm trees, romantic sunsets, and inspiring views of it all at every turn. Malliouhana Hotel & Spa delivers — and then some. Your greeting at the expansive property is a multitiered marble lobby graced by lofty pillars, fountains, intimate patios, and huge sofas.

Perched on Meads Bay on the British West Indian island of Anguilla, everything about this resort is lavish and spacious. There are just 55 guest rooms — adorned with rattan furnishings and Haitian art — spread over 25 acres of lush tropical gardens. A staff of 250 offers unsurpassed service with special attention to personal details.

The resort is perfect for a lovers’ retreat, a destination wedding, or a family getaway. All guests are treated royally, says owner and manager Nigel Roydon. It is rumored that the hotel once denied a visit by Queen Elizabeth of England because accommodating her and her court would have inconvenienced and displaced other guests.

Constructed in 1982, the family-owned business officially opened in 1984. “My father’s idea was to offer European-style ambiance and serve good food in a Caribbean location,” Roydon offers. Back then there were less than 5,000 people living on Anguilla.

Guests enjoy a number of amenities, including fine French dining in the award-winning Main House Restaurant, with postcard vistas of the Caribbean Sea glistening in the sun or the romantically white light of the moon. With a wine collection totaling 25,000 bottles, Malliouhana has one of the largest wine cellars in the Caribbean.

Enjoy boating and other water activities, basketball on an all-weather surface, and tennis on a championship-style court. There are five freshwater pools suitable for games and socializing or simply lounging. And, of course, there’s the 15,000-square-foot spa where visitors can enjoy a range of traditional treatments that include wraps, polishes, and Reiki. Their signature offering is the Oasis Stone Therapy, a massage with calming effects tailored specifically for the client and personally administered by spa director Tammy Clark. Rose, frankincense, and sandalwood essential oils and an array of warm basalt stones are worked in rhythmic gliding strokes to induce a contemplative state of relaxation.

Suites cost between $495 and $2,940 a night, depending on the season. Malliouhana replenishes the spirit and easily sets the bar for the Caribbean experience. For reservations, call 1-800-835-0796.