These Income Inequality Racial Statistics Will Enrage You

These Income Inequality Racial Statistics Will Enrage You

Job monitoring site Comparably has a mission to make salary and other compensation data completely transparent. The site collects thousands of salary records and segments the data by gender, location, industry, ethnicity, and more. Some of the analysis on racial income inequality is truly eye-opening and quite maddening.

It may come as no surprise that Comparably found that African Americans are paid the least in every major tech hub in the U.S. The cities with the hugest pay disparities for blacks are Phoenix, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago.

There’s more grim news and most of it is also about wages within the tech sector. The largest pay gaps in tech are between white and black workers. Even looking at specific jobs in tech such as design and product engineering, African Americans are at a disadvantage. For instance, blacks in design in the tech space earn an average of $85, 078 while whites earn $108, 685. Asians earn the most in this field; an average of $111,718.

The site lets you see what others make in your field. It offers detailed data on tech positions including VP of engineering, product managers, and marketing directors. Comparably also features a host of infographics that are displayed by performing a search. A query on “how often do you get a raise?” pulls up data on how often workers are given raises by race, gender, and other factors. 60% of Caucasians receive a raise every year while only 47% of African Americans do.

Black women fare the worse when it comes to income inequality. In a recent interview with Jasmine Gill of Gyal’s Network, an online platform connecting diverse women and addressing intersectional issues, it was revealed that a black woman will lose an average of $877,480 over her 40-year career, relative to a white man.

It is important that African Americans learn the art of salary negotiation. Here are some tips on getting the raise you deserve.