Increase Your Income 20%-40% Without Leaving Your Job

Increase Your Income 20%-40% Without Leaving Your Job

Popularized in drag racing, nitrous oxide (N2O) kits are added to engines to increase performance. N2O transforms the engine by doubling the power output of the car. Engines require a lot of N2O but lack the space to hold the bulky kits. As a result, an engine carries only a few minutes of N2O until the power advantage is gone.

Today, nearly 60% of U.S. jobs require higher education. As it relates to earnings, Americans with higher education blow past those without it. Eventually, working among peers with similar degrees and experience, they find that the power advantage they once had is gone.

In this article, the first in a two-part series, I introduce Chris Daniel, PMP. He equips today’s leaders to earn six figures with skills as powerful as N2O but that increase in value over time. Chris will show you how to boost earnings 20%-40% at your current job, without having to get another degree.


How can you turbocharge your career?

It’s through professional certifications. Chris explains:

Let’s start with the most impactful, highest paid certification for young professionals, the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). Many working professionals between the ages of 28—40 have never heard of it. And those who have, don’t know the full scoop. So, I’m going to expose it, and let you be the judge.


Project management is a function of almost every role

It can be applied to service-based, web-based, or product-based businesses. I use it as an entrepreneur on a daily basis. Project management simply means managing the most important resources (time, money, and scope) within a defined deadline, for a particular audience (customers, stakeholders). Simply said, it means getting things done effectively, in the most efficient way possible.


You‘re already doing the work, but without the pay

Most mid-career professionals do not realize that the PMP certification pays high dividends. According to, certified project managers earn about 35% more than their peers without the certification–doing the exact same work!

According to the US Census Bureau, the average salary for professionals with 5—8 years of work experience in corporate America, is $49,997/yr. That same person, with the same experience, with a PMP, earns about $88,000/yr.

Mid-career professionals work tirelessly, becoming more and more unmotivated. They can utilize the internet to research PMP and project management, and begin the process of being a certified PMP.

Here‘s a challenge:

Log on to

In the ‘what’ field, type ‘PMP certified project manager’

In the ‘where’ field, type your current city (or city of interest)

On the left-hand, look at the salary range

Then, repeat steps 1-4 and use ‘project manager’, instead of ‘certified’

The results are astounding! If you take it a step further, and look at the job descriptions of both, you’ll find that the work is very similar.


If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

Why would anyone want to take their hard-earned money and spend it on a certification? Because it’s lifetime, and globally recognized. The credential travels with the individual, not the organization. It’s the highest paid certification in corporate America; guaranteed to raise your value within 6—12 months, and beyond. Do the math, the $30,000+ raise pays you back an additional $1,250/paycheck–until the next raise!



Chris Daniel, PMP is the author of 26-Days to Your PMP Certification. Chris offers programs for professionals in the workplace, who already manage projects and aren’t earning what they should. Stay tuned for part two in this series. We’ll cover the certification process, costs, and how to pass the exam on the first try in 26 days.

Elisha Lowe is a registered nurse, business strategist, writer, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker with two decades of experience in healthcare. She works with top healthcare organizations to grow novel products that support better patient outcomes in hospitals while engaging in entrepreneurial pursuits. You can follow her on Twitter @ElishaLoweRN or learn more at