Why Infographic Resumes May Not Be Best

A Bit Much?: Why Infographic Resumes Might Not Be a Good Look

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

It’s always good to think of ways to make yourself stand out as a job seeker. Sometimes the more creative or innovative, the better. But other times, it may not be worth your while. True, if you work in creative industries, creative resumes might be the best look. But if you’re in an industry that’s not into bells and whistles, it may be best to keep it simple.

Though infographic resumes have become all the rage in industries such as media, marketing or PR, Brazen Careerist offers reasons you may want to think twice before investing time in creating one.

1. Statistically speaking, infographic resumes are not for you: Most careers are not creative. You may enjoy dressing your cat in a hat at home, but once you get to your cubicle, you’re all spreadsheets and invoices, and that’s just fine.

Creative industries comprise four percent of all businesses and two percent of all employees, according to Americans for the Arts. That means that only two percent of you could probably benefit from a funky infographic resume.

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