The Inspiration You Need for the Rest of This Year Just Arrived

The Inspiration You Need for the Rest of This Year Just Arrived

Starting tomorrow, you will have all the motivation you need to conquer the rest of this year thanks to Jimii Hitmaker.

The rising New York-born, Virginia-raised artist is setting out to help you build your empire with the release of his highly anticipated mixtape, StackToBer.

“StackToBer is all the motivation you need to get your money up,” says Hitmaker. The mission of this mixtape is to give you the tools to catapult your ambitions, your finances, and your life to new heights.

You can find StackToBer wherever music is sold and downloaded.

StackTober is only setting you up for what’s to come. On Nov. 11 you must be sure to be on the lookout for Hitmaker’s new single, “In My Zone.”

This is only whetting your appetite for the main event, Feb. 2017, when his album My Jurnee will be released for your listening pleasure.

Wondering what you’re in for? Expect to hear nothing but the truth. “People say I’m a conscious rapper,” explained Hitmaker in a recent interview with “I tell the truth. All of my raps are factual.”

If you have been on the hunt for end-of-the-year inspiration, you just found it.

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