Institute Teaches Classes on How to Start Marijuana Enterprises

The California-based Cannabis Career Institute is offering courses on how to get started in the marijuana business, with their latest seminar held in Baltimore.

Led by Doug Porter, the seminar offers a business model similar to one needed for any other small business that includes a business plan, an action team and a demographic analysis. His courses demonstrate how to launch a medical marijuana dispensary, marijuana plantation and delivery services.

“This business is coming out of the dark and into the light,” Porter tells the Baltimore Sun. “It is really an opportunity for anybody from all walks of life. Besides what we know about dispensary owners, the delivery service drivers and the growers, there are a lot of ancillary jobs that come as a result of this.”

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Porter hosts CCI seminars nationwide on the business of marijuana, with the institute having taught more than 3,000 students since its launch five years ago. Costing $299, each course has up to five instructors including an attorney, a grower and a marijuana chef with slides and text. The course also comes with a 255-page book that outlines the different types of marijuana and their medical uses.

Porter’s November 8th seminar in Baltimore occurred less than a week after residents in D.C., Oregon and Alaska voted to legalize marijuana. States like Colorado and Washington voted two years ago for legalization and the state of Maryland voted earlier this year to decriminalize small amounts and medical use. On Monday, Nov. 10, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced that police officers in New York City will be writing tickets instead of handcuffing people who have small amounts of marijuana possession.

Stressing the fact that although certain states have legalized marijuana in the midst of it remaining illegal on the federal level, Porter told class participants that the most important partners to an entrepreneur are his lawyers and accountants.

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