Internet Debates Over White Grandma’s Christmas Gift to Grandson’s Black Wife

Internet Debates Over White Grandma’s Christmas Gift to Grandson’s Black Wife

A photo of a white grandmother’s Christmas gift to her grandson’s Black wife has raised a debate over whether or not the handwritten note it came with was appropriate.

Reddit user u/The_Alchemyst uploaded a photo of a black pearl necklace his “Karen grandma” gifted to his “African American wife”. In the photo, a set of black pearls sits inside a black leather box.

One Redditor explained that the black pearls or “Tahitian pearls” are “considered the most exotic variety of pearl” and originate from a black-lipped oyster known as the “Pinctada margaritifera cumingii,” Newsweek reports.

Black pearls are a rare indigenous to French Polynesia, Fiji, the Sea of Cortez and the Cook Islands that can range in price from $200 for low-quality sets to $36,000 for fine quality ones.

The pricey jewels are certainly special to receive. So the grandmother who gifted them to her Black granddaughter-in-law possibly went well. But it was the handwritten note that accompanied the black pearls.

“Like my black pearls – rare and of great value!” the note reads. “You are the black pearls of the family. Love you, Karen.”

Between the questionable note and the grandmother’s name actually being “Karen”, the photo of the gift raised a series of reactions with many crediting the elderly woman for coming from a sincere place.

“The delivery was a little off but man that’s a beautiful gift,” one Redditor said.

“Bless her heart, grandma’s trying,” another wrote. “The delivery needs a little work, but she’s trying.”

“She tried her best to compliment her,” one person wrote. “How sweet. Never frown upon the gift of a gentle heart.”

Another credited the gift with being a sign of better days ahead when it comes to the centuries-old issue of racism.

“This seems to be a truly heartfelt gift. Ignore the awkward card. This is an olive branch,” the Redditor said. “This is a sign of change. This is the promise of a better tomorrow.”