The Inventress Lisa Ascolese Shares Insider Tips On Growing Your Idea

Founder of Inventing A-Z, Lisa Ascolese, has been taking ideas; hers and many others, from concept to fruition for over 35 years and counting. This New Jersey-based entrepreneur, consultant, and agent has successfully created, patented, marketed, and launched dozens of products in QVC, HSN, national retail stores and more. recently caught up with Ascolese to find out how you could become the next great inventor.

Check out her insights: What makes for a great invention?

Ascolese: A great invention is a solution-oriented product; whenever everybody can use that product. A lot of people just want to invent something and that doesn’t work for me. If you continuously struggle with an issue, trust you’re not the only one with that same struggle. If you come up with a solution-oriented product you will win every time for me.

What would you say to someone who has a really great idea, but no idea how to execute it?

Your next step is to go to somebody, an expert or consultant, who is seasoned in your industry. You should also seek out a trusted patent attorney who has done a lot of products that may say to you, ‘Okay this is something that has saturated the market because I have x amount of patents for the same thing.’ You really have to find somebody seasoned who can guide you through the steps.

Once you have an awesome idea, how do you go about sharing it while assuring it isn’t stolen?

Always, always, always sign a non-disclosure agreement.

What is the key to profiting from an idea?

It’s marketing and proper branding. It’s naming the product [and] what’s going to make the product sell. You can have a product that’s absolutely spectacular, but if it has the wrong name or the wrong packaging you’re not selling it. Name it the right name, put it on social media, get it into the hands of a show, and get it recognized. You need eyes on the product in order for it to sell. I specialize in helping you do all of those things.

What is often the most difficult part of the invention process?

Namely, focus, diligence and perseverance. If you’re not keeping it going, you can lose it. In inventing a product, all of it is a challenge, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s hard. It’s a terrain that you have to stay on and stay focused.

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Attendees can expect the best information they could possibly walk away with—without a doubt.

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