Invest in HBCU Tokens, Expand Your Investment Portfolio Unleash Your Power to Support HBCUs

Invest in HBCU Tokens, Expand Your Investment Portfolio Unleash Your Power to Support HBCUs

Help HBCUs. HBCU Token will make funds available to assist Historically Black Colleges and Universities. HBCU Token is an innovative way to make your investment work for a greater cause for years to come, and expand your business or personal financial investment portfolio. HBCU Tokens is an evergreen way to put your money where your mouth is.

The supporter decides on what level of investment and it gives you the comfort of your funds going to help HBCUs, elevate young black and brown students, ensure a greater workforce and elevate society.

Most of America’s 103 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have been struggling financially. For years there has been a lack of funding and neglect. Compared to their counterparts, the nation’s Black land grant universities have been underfunded by at least $12.8 billion over the last three decades. Many are in financial straits — and living under a cloud of violent threat of bombings.

Some share information about lacking heating cooling units/systems, rustic relic infrastructure, paint peeling off cracked plaster walls, two thirds of buildings in need of repair, a lack of staff, computers, labs, lack of equipment and supplies, lack of dormitories, etc., according to a press release.

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“At one point in time, people questioned the relevancy and impact of HBCUs, but this has changed in recent years. There’s a lot to celebrate, but there are also ways we can all support our institutions and the most important stakeholders — the students. HBCU 20×20 is proud to be a part of the HBCU Token to further support our impact and the work we do to support our community. As cryptocurrency continues to emerge we’re honored to be in this space with HBCU Token, L.Marilyn Crawford,” Nicole Tinson, chief executive officer of HBCU 20×20.

How it works

HBCU Token is designed to support the 103 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in U.S. that have historically been a place for African Americans to learn, thrive and prosper. It continues to serve that purpose for so many who attend. HBCU Token has an in-built 10 percent fee for each transaction reserved to provide financial assistance across all the black colleges and universities in the U.S. to help HBCUs achieve their financial and educational goals. The community plans on raising as much as $1,000,000,000 for HBCUs for their financial and educational goals. Help the black community while earning passive income for yourselves through mining the HBCU Token.

How to participate

HBCU Token pre-sale now available! Purchase HBCU coin instructions at

“HBCU Tokens give to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), institutions of higher education in the United States active and established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the intention of primarily serving the African-American community,” said L.Marilyn Crawford, HBCU Tokens co-creator.

“This allows them to become self sustainable without relying on donors, grants, etc. It gives businesses and everyday citizens an opportunity to support HBCUs, as well as a long term investors. I have lawyers, doctors, teachers, executives, in my family, all who graduated form HBCUs. HBCU Tokens has been established to invest in the future, substance and quality of HBCUs. By supporting HBCUs, you support minority communities by increasing economic and social mobility through academic and career resources.”

HBCU Token provides the investor an opportunity to help with:

– Sustainability.

– Quality of education.

– Expansion of education.

– Growth of an institution.

– Preparation for the future citizens.

We have engaged strategic partners, i.e. HBCU2020 (worlds largest network for HBCU graduates and black job seekers), African American Global Media Association (will handle public relations and media) and HBCU entrepreneurs (will offer assistance to start ups and businesses). They will receive funding to support the mission of global citizenship for our graduates. HBCUs have a definite purpose and relevance for our history, culture and purpose in this world. They need society’s support and help to sustain, elevate, and grow.