Irv Gotti Can’t Find Love, Says Women In Their 20s Want Him For Money

Irv Gotti is back on “Drink Champs” wallowing over his love life. Only this time he’s not complaining about Ashanti, he’s upset over the women in their 20s who only want his money.

The Murder Inc. founder faced backlash when he appeared on NORE’s podcast one year ago and dished on his romantic past with his former artist Ashanti. At the time, Gotti admitted to having an affair with the “Happy” singer and claimed to have only learned of her dating rapper Nelly when they sat courtside at an NBA game.

Since the interview, in which Ashanti claimed Gotti “lied about a lot of things,” she has rekindled her flame with Nelly and the pair have been publicly displaying their reunion.

Now one year after Gotti’s infamous “Drink Champs” interview, which caused a major fallout with Fat Joe for what he said about Ashanti, the hip-hop mogul is opening up about why he can’t find a “bad b*tch” who’s willing to settle down with him.

“I would love to have one bad b—h that’s with me a hunnid percent. I just don’t think it’s out there … for me,” Gotti declared.

The “Drink Champs” crew joked about Gotti needing a prenup in the event he ever got married again.

“I’m gon’ have a ill prenup n—a,” Gotti quipped back. “You know chicks be rubbing me the wrong way. You can’t get me and you always askin for s—t, asking for money, asking me for things cause you know I got it. That’s the fastest way to lose me.”

When NORE asked Gotti if he’s a sugar daddy, the “Tales” creator said “no.” But he did open up about a “gorgeous” Dominican woman in her 20s that he was dating but he called it off when she asked him for money.

“Where does she get off asking for $25,000? and then in the back of my head, I’m like, this is the tip of the iceberg. If she’s my girl that bih she gone, ask I need a hunnid thousand,” he explained.

The father of three, who divorced his wife of a decade back in 2013, said he’s not interested in funding another woman’s lifestyle on the money he uses to feed his family.

“That’s why I don’t think it’s in the cards for me. I don’t know if I can find someone who I’m gonna be attracted to that’s like a nice, good person,” he shared.

The hip-hop producer faced criticism from viewers who wondered why the 53-year-old was seemingly seeking women in their 20s.

“Why is he trying to date girls in their 20s? I guess he’s stuck there,” one user wrote.

“Has it ever occurred to him that maybe working on himself and pursuing women his age might do the trick?” added someone else.

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