Is Apple Preparing Multiple iWatch Models?

Is Apple Preparing Multiple iWatch Models?

Hope you’re not too attached to your Timex. Apple’s iWatch could arrive as soon as this year, and in multiple configurations.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the fabled wearable device from Apple may be equipped with as many as 10 sensors tracking anything from heart rate to temperature.

Apple’s iWatch would be a latecomer to the wearable space currently occupied by devices from Sony, Pebble, and Samsung. While Apple was first with its revolutionary iPhone and iPad, it could be waiting for public appeal to welcome wearable devices before introducing its own.

Companies like Google have had trouble getting a warm reception with its Google Glass, instead having to deal with the backlash due to privacy concerns.

According to Reuters, the iWatch could have a rectangular face, resembling current smartwatches rather than the concepts that have been circulating on the Web. Earlier this year Motorola showed off its Moto 360, a circular smartwatch powered by Android, set to debut this summer.

An iWatch from Apple makes perfect sense, considering the recent updates the company showed at its developer conference. It’s new Health app is designed to gather information from wearable devices and create a comprehensive picture of your well-being.

An Apple-made device would be able to collect all that data all while integrating other potentially Apple-exclusive features like Siri integration. Nike said it was going to stop making its Fuelband device, possibly aiming to integrate its software into the iWatch.