Is Olivia Pope Just Another Reality Show Chick?

Is “Olivia Pope” Just Another Reality Show Chick?

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olivia pope in a suit scandalMo Ivory at CBS Atlanta says that black women who hail ABC’s ‘Scandal’ as admirable entertainment, yet criticize reality TV’s negative antics are hypocrites.

“Olivia Pope is no different than Joseline from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” or Kim from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Ivory writes. — “She just has more expensive clothes, a higher paying job and tighter security. She is no breath of fresh air, nuanced or complicated, and definitely not a rarity in black female representation. She is merely presented on a shiny platter in a sparkly house instead of at the bar in a strip club.”

Ivory goes on to say that Olivia Pope, who is played by actress Kerry Washington (pictured) is not exactly a role model in that she’s “having an affair with a married man who made sure he secured a really good job for her that she has been able to turn into a profitable business. But not before she engaged in criminal activity to make sure he would get his job and formed a partnership with another woman he sleeps with. She sneaks over in the middle of the night for booty calls and has her “yes” men and women to cover her tracks. She keeps a thug around (Huck) for protection and to do her dirty work. She keeps a good guy on the side who she should “really be with” in order for her to claim to herself and others that she is finished being a whore.”

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