Is Peyton Manning Interested In Buying The Tennessee Titans?!

Is Peyton Manning Interested In Buying The Tennessee Titans?!

The sports world will mourn when Peyton Manning finally decides to hang up his cleats and retire. But, according to Sports Business Daily, the future Hall of Fame QB has his post-football career all figured out.

The beloved Denver Broncos quarterback is rumored to write (with the help of a significant investor) a big check to purchase the Tennessee Titans. The site says somewhere between $1 billion to $2 billion will be the offer to own the team outright. Manning will then use his analytical mind to turn the failing team around.

For now, it’s all speculation, which earned its roots from CBS Sports. Jason La Canfora, who works for the company, posted a story Sunday morning outlining Manning’s future. While the story had no on-the-record sources confirming Manning’s post-NFL career moves, it became viral and got hardcore Titans fans excited about the possibility.

“I asked a Titans source if there is any validity to the report at this point and he said, ‘Not at all,’” writes ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky, whom joined the discussion once it became trending. Nonetheless, Manning owning the Tennessee Titans makes sense to La Canfora. “[Peyton] Manning and his family have strong ties to Tennessee, where he played college ball, and one of the reasons Manning came so close to picking the Titans to play for when released by the Colts was the potential to one day be part of an ownership group there,” he said.

Any team within the league would love to benefit from the brilliant mind Manning has and would celebrate him stepping up to be an owner. He would instantly boost that franchise’s credibility, according to Dan McQuiston, a professor of business at Butler University, who specializes in sports marketing. “With these kind of sports figures, it’s not that they’re after the notoriety, it gives them a way to stay connected after their playing days are over.”

It’s not like he doesn’t have the money to possibly make the move, as his endorsement deals with Papa John’s Pizza, Sony, Buick and Nationwide provide him with enough money to buy the Titans.

SOURCE: Sports Business Daily