Is Your Brand Bold, Beautiful, & Determined?

Branding is an overused word. How do you create the perfect brand – in life and in business? By being a bold dreamer?

Branding is simply a consistent feeling, image, and experience desired from a product conveyed to the general public. Basically, you – the entrepreneur – are the brand. The minute someone interfaces with you, they are deciding if they should do business with your brand based on their perception of you. Is your message big, bold, and beautiful? It may be trite but it is very true: First impressions are everything.

Over time, we all go through brand re-invention (strategizing, tweaking, and shedding), hopefully becoming mo’ better. While watching the Golden Globe Awards in January and seeing the re-invention of Brand Mo’Nique, I was truly inspired by her authenticity.

She has shown her versatility since the beginning of her career. From stand-up comedian, to wise-cracking actress, author, producer, late-night host, and now Oscar-nominated actress. Her passion has remained steady and consistent with her best-selling book, Skinny Women Are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World, even as she (now) approaches a more svelte model of herself. Brand Mo’Nique has never wavered on authenticity, she simply made adjustments along the way – while playing by her rules.

Monique is a great symbol of what it means to be a dreamer. Dreams should be big, bold, and beautiful. In a recent acceptance speech, Mo’Nique talked about being 14 years old and dreaming of becoming a star. Her speech underscores what I have always believed — the bigger the dream, the more successful the brand.

Start dreaming big and bold today:

1. Dreams don’t happen overnight. It takes heart, persistence, money, and blessings to make one’s dream become a reality.

2. Dreams must be gargantuan. It’s not acceptable to just dream. Your dream must be out of this world so that when you tell people about them — they laugh. If your peers are not laughing then you are dreaming too small.

3. Dreams only flourish with confidence. Mo’Nique boldly has set the path of what it means to be bold, bright, and ambitious. Consider this – Mo’Nique refused to participate in the required Hollywood schmooze-fest (in order to secure an Oscar nomination for her role in Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire) and still received the nod. It’s okay to play by your rules.

4. Dreams must have clarity. Know what you want, how you want it, and with whom you want it. When you ask, you will receive. Make certain you are asking wisely.

5. Dreams are ordained. Tap into a higher spirit and simply believe.

6. Dreams have vampires. Stay away from those who can seek to rob you of your chance/opportunity. Keep the haters at bay.

7. Dream in color. Mo’Nique saw her moment and now she can actively participate.

Dreaming big is only one step of Brand You. In the coming weeks, I’ll talk about strategies for putting those dreams into action.

What are your next steps to making your brand bold, bright, and ambitious? I want to hear from you.

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