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It Costs $1M To Get Cardi B To Leave The Crib, Rapper Reveals In Rant

Cardi B reveals that she won't leave the house for less than $1 million, as stated in her rant allegedly in response to Hazel E.

Cardi B is fed up after allegations were made surrounding her 2018 breakout hit, “Bodak Yellow.” After her former Love & Hip Hop co-star Hazel E claimed that she never received credit for helping make the song’s video shoot in Dubai, the footage was unveiled on Nov. 26 of the rapper’s alleged response.

Hazel E shared on Instagram that the video would have never been made if she hadn’t followed “Girl Code” and wanted to see Cardi win, with the story post re-shared by The NeighborhoodTalk.

While Hazel E said that neither she nor her team was given credit for their help in making the video happen, saying that she would have never “co-signed” the shoot in hindsight, Cardi clapped back over the damaging accusations in the released audio by the tabloid.

“I’m a real powerful b-tch, bro,” shared the Grammy winner. “You know what’s so funny? Sometimes, there’s certain reasons why some b-tches don’t like you. Know what I’m saying?”

She continued the explicit rant, viscerally attacking “b-tches” such as Hazel E, who spoke on her despite not being as successful.

 “Not only don’t I know these hoes, these hoes don’t even stay on my f-cking mind. Like, these b-tches don’t even be on my f-cking mind, and I be on theirs,” expressed Cardi. “When these b-tches be jacking that they don’t like me, they don’t have no f-cking reason to like me. They always got to put another b-tch in it because you ain’t got no f-cking reason.

As for her viral comment about not leaving her home for less than seven figures, Cardi stated that she will not “even come out the house to perform unless it’s $1 million and up.”

With her successful music career and various brand deals, such as Whip Shots and even OnlyFans, the star can truly put her money where her mouth is. Next time Cardi B is seen outside, spectators should believe she received a hefty check for it.