‘It Feels Fulfilling’: Sha’Carri Richardson Takes Home 200m Win At NYC Grand Prix

‘It Feels Fulfilling’: Sha’Carri Richardson Takes Home 200m Win At NYC Grand Prix

Stunting in red fishnets to go with her track fit, Sha’Carri Richardson made a dashing return from her 100m second place finish to win the 200m at the NYC Grand Prix with a powerful finish clocking 22.38.

On Sunday, June 12, the 22-year-old track and field sprinter gave her supporters a new reason to celebrate her budding journey. All smiles, Richardson showed signs of relief as she raced across the finish line in her triumphant win.

“It feels peaceful; it feels fulfilling. I’m glad that I made the fans happy, but it feels so much better being back at home within myself, my heart, my spirit, and I just want to continue to just thrive, that’s all,” Richardson said in a post-race interview.

The win came later in the day after Richardson’s earlier race when she placed second in the 100m. Her time was 10.83, while first place winner, Alecia Hobbs, beat her by just 0.02 seconds.

“Actually, the confidence came from seeing how much love I have, I can give, I receive, and just how much inspiration I put out there into the world that even in my short career just how much it has inspired others, it makes me give myself that courage, make me give myself that confidence to go out there and show that I am the sun, I am the sunshine.”

In her previous race at the Prefontaine Classic on May 31, Richardson ran the 100-meter race and came in second behind Olympic gold medalist Elaine Thompson-Herah.

Richardson says she’s competing with confidence and delivers a positive message for others.

“I really just want people to know that you can be yourself, so if that means that you want to be sexy, you want to be cute, you want to just express yourself in ways that nobody has before, don’t let that stop you…

“As long as you have the mindset for it, the confidence, and the belief in your mind, heart, and spirit, nothing will stop you.”