It’s a Living: Business Systems Analyst

It’s a Living: Business Systems Analyst

Love it or hate it, we all have to go to work. Some of us are better with people than we are with computers and some of us are better with numbers than we are with words. With as many goods, services, and industries as there are, each of us is responsible for contributing to the bottom line somehow. Here’s how some of us do it.

Name: Andrea Brown

Age: 38

Location: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Business Systems Analyst for an international infrastructure support business

What do you get paid to do?
A person in my role wears many hats. We meet with clients to define system requirements for software applications. We are the liaison between the technical team and the business owners. We are responsible for project documentation as well as training the end users. This role is a mixture of technical and business savvy.

What are the chief skills someone in your position needs to have?
You have be be an analytical thinker, detail oriented, and have technical expertise.

How did you get this job?
I worked in a position where I did all facets of software development. I was my own Analyst, Developer, Tester, and Trainer. Working as a jack of all trades showed me the area I liked the most and could offer the most expertise.

What kind of educational background do you have?
I have a bachelor of science degree in management information systems and an M.B.A. with an MIS concentration.

How long have you been in this industry? 13 years

How long have you been doing this particular kind of work? 9 years

What do you love about your job?
I love the fact that the nature of my projects is always  changing. I never have to worry about being bored.

What do you hate?
Honestly, there’s nothing I hate about my job … well, that I don’t get to telecommute more.

What’s an entry-level position in your industry that might lead to the job you have?
Software developers often move into this type position if they don’t continue along the development path.

What would be the next professional step up for someone in your position?

Project management, or they could segue into other IT positions.

Do you belong to any professional organizations related to your job?
I am not a member but I participate in the activities of several organizations such as the Urban League and the National Black MBA Association.

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