Ja Morant’s Signature Shoe Removed From Nike Website After Latest Gun Incident

Ja Morant’s Signature Shoe Removed From Nike Website After Latest Gun Incident

Ja Morant is facing the consequences of his actions. Nike has removed the athlete’s signature shoe after he was seen brandishing a gun for the second time.

After waving a gun on Instagram Live, the 23-year-old Memphis Grizzlies star was suspended for eight games this past season. The punishment cost him about $669,000 in salary, according to Fortune. Words of support followed the initial incident, with NBA veterans like Jalen Rose and Shaquille O’Neal urging the young leader to take account of his inner circle and make changes.

However, their words seem to have fallen on deaf ears as Morant repeated the action in a video last week.

And it looks like his sponsors may be starting to rethink their connection to him. According to TMZ, as of this morning, Nike has removed Morant’s shoes from its website and SNKRS app, even though a new colorway is slated to be released next week. The decision comes after harsh criticism from popular sports pundits, including Mike Wilbon, who said he wouldn’t allow his children to wear the Ja 1s.

Morant was also the topic of conversation during this week’s episode of Inside The NBA, which aired alongside the Western Conference Finals. Hall of Famer Charles Barkley expressed his deep disappointment in the NBA All-Star and took aim at those who may feel he’s being unfairly judged.

“You’re not a thug. You’re not a criminal. You’re not a crook,” Barkley said. “You’re a guy making 200 million to dribble a stupid basketball… You got to look in the mirror and say, ‘You know what, maybe I’m the problem.'” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has not decided what Morant’s punishment will be this time, but some speculate that the athlete could stand to miss half of the 2023–2024 season.