Jackson State Incorporating New Defensive Technique Named ‘The Will Smith’

There seems to be no end to the Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar incident.

A football coach at Jackson State University is teaching his defensive players a new scheme in the playbook for the upcoming season. In a video clip posted by head coach Deion Sanders to his Instagram account, the coach demonstrates what he labels “The Will Smith Technique.”

Jackson State’s linebackers coach, Andre Hart, is seen on video instructing his defensive players on a new move that incorporates the now-infamous palm slap popularized by the former rapper turned actor.

In the clip below, Hart is heard saying to the athletes,

“We got a new technique, we gotta give them the Will Smith. What’s the Will Smith? Smack, right. Technique Will Smith. He hit them with the palm of his hand, not the fingers. He hit him with that palm right there.”

Coach Prime posted the video with an apology for the language used by Hart.

“We truly apologize for the profanity from Coach ahart49, but God uses the foolish things to confound the wise. That’s what my Bible says. Again I apologize But Lord this is some good Coaching!! Me and my brother have been together for over 20 years coaching Youth, Highschool and now @gojsutigersfb (video produced by @deionsandersjr)”.


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Earlier this week, a top-seeded tennis player was caught on video giving a face slap to his opponent after the match was over, bringing the memory of the recent Will Smith/Chris Rock altercation from last week to mind.

According to Essentially Sports, after a recent tennis match between two players in Ghana, top-seeded French tennis player Michael Kouame, in a similar fashion to Smith, slapped his opponent, Raphael Nii Ankrah, after losing a match to him.

It looks like this controversy will live on a lot longer than we thought it would!