Capitol Rioter Jacob Chansley Wants His Viking Headgear Back From FBI

Capitol Rioter Jacob Chansley Wants His Viking Headgear Back From FBI

It's been two years—let it go, man!

Jacob Chansley, infamous for the Viking headgear with horns worn during the Jan. 6 riots, told The Daily Beast he wants his horns back.

Also known as the “QAnon Shaman,” Chansley spent 27 months in prison for his role in the notorious Capitol Hill attack, where he was spotted in many pictures wearing his animated headpiece. The FBI confiscated the horns when he turned himself in on obstruction charges. Now Chansley feels that since his time is done, it is time for his belongings to be returned.

“The case is over, so there’s no reason for them to continue holding onto it,” he said. “They’re keeping it like it’s evidence.”

The Phoenix native was one of 30 rioters who made it inside the Capitol building first, according to prosecutors. Once there, he made his way to the Senate gallery alone, shouting “Time’s up, mother*******,” along the way. He missed former Vice President Mike Pence, who had been sitting at the dais preparing for a peaceful transfer of power, by an hour. Chansley took selfies and wrote Pence a note saying, “It’s Only A Matter of Time. Justice Is Coming.”

Chansley has since apologized for his actions but continues to admire the now four-time-indicted Donald Trump.

Even if his property is returned to him, Chansley doesn’t know if he will wear it at campaign events. “There’s been mixed emotions about it,” he said. “People say that I’m not being taken seriously. Other people are like, ‘Oh, I fricking love it!’”

In the meantime, the horns can be seen on his website where he sells T-shirts with his likeness, calling himself “America’s Shaman.” During a podcast interview, he compared himself to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus.

After serving 27 months of his 41-month sentence, Chansley was granted supervised release for good behavior and three years probation. He has been banned from voting but has his eye on a political career.

The 35-year-old convicted felon filed a candidate statement of interest in November 2023 as a Libertarian candidate for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District seat, according to The Associated Press. There are no laws banning felons from holding federal office. However, Arizona state laws prohibit felons from voting until their sentence is complete and their civil rights are restored.

He may have someone to back his political endeavors. Controversial Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said she was “honored” to meet Chansley during the Turning Point USA conference in December 2023. On Twitter, she described his treatment as “horrendous” and was “amazed” by his positive attitude.