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From Broadway To Digital, Jaja’s African Hair Braiding’ Will Live Stream

This show is expanding beyond Broadway to introduce newcomers to the virtual theater scene.

For those unable to catch “Jaja’s African Hair Braiding” on Broadway, the show will be available on livestream. Jocelyn Bioh’s groundbreaking play will be available in this format for its final performance week at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre in New York City.

Playbill announced the news on Oct. 30 of the innovative way the play will be viewed by as many patrons as possible. Bioh explained how “thrilled” she is that the world premiere of her work will actually take place on a global scale.

“Reaching the widest audience possible has always been my goal with this play and I’m so thrilled that that will now be possible,” says the playwright. “I can’t wait for audiences far and wide to come to the shop!”

The inclusive measure will hopefully bring a wider audience to the world of Broadway shows to promote the same diversity that the play’s inclusion in the theater district has already accomplished. The viewing will be conducted via the League of Live Stream Theater, whose co-founder, Jim Augustine, also released a statement on the venture.

“Live streaming theater begins to bridge the gap between traditional theater audiences and those who have not typically been part of the Broadway experience,” shared Augustine. “This includes those who have never been to a Broadway show and those who have never even considered it, individuals in correctional facilities, classrooms, underserved communities, and every individual impacted by the challenges of in-person theater.”

“Jaja’s” is a modern play about West African immigrants at a Harlem hair salon as they deal with the cultural differences in their daily lives, telling a story of sisterhood and community as the women build a future for themselves. The Taraji P. Henson-produced project made its Broadway and world debut on Oct. 3, to much delight, as it portrays the multifaceted experience of Black women.

The live stream performances will be conducted from Nov. 14-19 to support the Black women-led show.

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