Join Jane Carter, Founder of Curls for Our “Entrepreneurs Masters” Class at “Women Of Power Summit”

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Hair has always been a front-burner issue for black women even if we only address it behind closed doors.

At Black Enterprise’s Women of Power summit, we’re bringing the conversation out of the closet and having our first Hair Fair, two days of Hair Happenings from book signings to discounted products and how-to demonstrations.

Moderated by Caroline Clarke, Executive Editor & Host of Black Enterprise Business Report, join us as guest speaker Mahisha Dellinger, founder of CURLS, offers insight into business strategies for entrepreneurs.

From her beginnings as a professional hair stylist-colorist and salon owner for over 20 years, Jane founded the Jane Carter Solution over a decade ago after experiencing an allergic reaction caused by exposure to chemicals in traditional hair care products.

Frustrated with the lack of chemical free hair care product choices, Jane created a hair care line using natural products derived from plants, with special care given to all hair types and textures. She’d later add different essential oils, sea botanical and natural proteins that performed effectively on all hair.

As a mother and dedicated business mogul, she has become the DNA to a leading natural hair care company. Her success story reflects a wealth of knowledge, past experiences and personal determination that led her to create the winning formula for a diverse group of women.

Jane Carter and other successful women will be on hand at the 2014 Women of Power Summit to discuss how you too can find your path to entrepreneurial success.

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