Janelle Monae is the Face of COVERGIRL’s Star Wars Collaboration

Janelle Monae is the Face of COVERGIRL’s Star Wars Collaboration

With tons of black female Star Wars fans (yes, black women are into Sci-Fi) it only makes since that COVERGIRL harness the powers of galaxy superstar and women’s empowerment enthusiast Janelle Monae, to lead their new makeup collaboration with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

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According to Yahoo Beauty, COVERGIRL has created seven futuristic beauty looks that give women a chance to explore the art of a split personality—-with both “light side” and “dark side” color pallets.

“I am one of the biggest Star Wars fans,” Monae tells Yahoo Beauty. The look Makeup Artist Pat McGrath created for Monae, is called Resistance Pilot— it’s a cool bronze-like take on Monae’s fashion-forward style.

“Out of the seven characters, she’s the most easy-breezy,”  Monae tells Yahoo Beauty . “She’s daring. For me, I’ve chosen to wear black and white, and every now and again I have a little prestige; a pop of color, and as you can see it’s this bright orange. It’s really good to be inspired by her character and switch it up and take you all by surprise. We have different sides of ourselves, so it’s always great through makeup and through clothing to show off a different side of your personality.”

To see more of the looks head over to COVERGIRL.