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Jason Derulo Denies ‘Completely False’ Claims Made By Former Artist Suing For Sexual Harassment

Jason Derulo is doing damage control after being named in a sexual harassment lawsuit by his former recording artist.

The singer and TikTok star became the talk of the town on Thursday, Oct. 5, when his former artist, Emaza Gibson, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit accusing Derulo of signing her to a record deal with the intent of having sexual relations with her.

“I’m at this point in my life right now; it’s very heartbreaking,” Gibson told NBC News.

“I have anxiety; I’m traumatized. I’ve dealt with inhumane work situations. … I’m at this point where I’m back to zero and I have nothing.”

According to Gibson, Derulo became hostile after she rejected his repeated sexual advances and invitations to dine and drink. She says the “Talk Dirty” singer eventually dropped her from his label in a move of “quid pro quo sexual harassment.”

Gibson filed her suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday and is also suing for intimidation, illegal retaliatory termination, and breach of contract.

“I’m just trying to fight for what’s right, because what was done to me was not OK,” Gibson said.

“And I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through what I went through. They wasted my time. They promised me things. … ‘Forget the contract.’ That’s what I was told. But if I wasn’t going to do, if I wasn’t doing my part according to this contract, I would be in trouble. I would be held accountable.”

Derulo fired back in a video statement shared the same day the lawsuit was filed and denied Gibson’s “completely false and hurtful” allegations.

“I wouldn’t normally comment but these claims are completely false and hurtful,” he said. “I stand against all forms of harassment and I remain supportive of anybody following their dreams.”


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He continued, “I’ve always strived to live my life in a positively impactful way, and that’s why I sit here before you, deeply offended by these defamatory claims. God bless.”

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