Beyoncé Sends Love To Lizzo During ATL Show Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Hold on. The fans are confused.

Beyoncé recently showed singer Lizzo some love with a special shoutout during her Renaissance show in Atlanta. According to a video posted to X (formerly Twitter), during her performance of a remix to “Break My Soul,” Beyoncé yelled, “Lizzo! I love you, Lizzo!” as she shouted out names of iconic Black female music artists.

Some fans could not believe their ears, since “The About Damn Time” singer has been facing allegations of sexual harassment and fat-shaming after three of her dancers slapped the pop star with a lawsuit.

“BEYHIVE…DEFENSE POSITIONS,” one user wrote. “Someone should stop her omg…we need her miles away from this case and Lizzo till its over,” another chimed in. Other X users commented in support of Beyoncé’s onstage declaration. “Beyoncé is not an unfair person. I’m sure what Beyoncé has personally witnessed, Lizzo has come across as a very kind person. Without automatically assuming Lizzo to be guilty like so many people have over allegations, Beyoncé wants to hear both sides,” a third user commented.

The shoutout came amid what fans thought was a shady moment from Beyoncé during a previous tour stop. As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Queen Bey failed to say Lizzo’s name in the lyrics to the tribute anthem during her Boston show

The Beyhive thought the assumed shade was in response to the lawsuit against Lizzo, which also accused the pop star of publicly disclosing a dancer’s virginity and pressuring a woman to touch a nude cabaret dancer at an afterparty.

According to NBC, lawyers for the former Lizzo dancers are reviewing all complaints since the lawsuit was filed in August 2023. Lizzo described the accusations as “sensationalized stories” that were “false” and “unbelievable” in an earlier response to the lawsuit.