How One Man’s Last Name Generated $6 Million Dollars

When Internet advertising entrepreneur Jason Sadler auctioned off the rights to his last name, many people thought he was nuts. When decided to spend $50,000 to win the auction, even more people questioned the decision.

But since Jason Sadler officially became Jason Headsetsdotcom on January 1, 2013, the website has enjoyed nearly $250,000 in sales and just over $6 million in advertising.

“The $45,500 we paid to buy Jason’s last name equates to $900 a week, or $125 a day,” said’s President Mike Faith, whose company generated $30 million in sales annually. “That’s incredibly cheap for the $6 million value of coverage we’ve already had on this. We’re calling Jason our Six Million Dollar Man.”

“We had CNN,, Fox News and dozens of local stations covering the story,” said Faith, whose company carries the largest inventory of brand-name headsets as well as their own line of wireless office headsets, called the OfficeRunner. “We’ve had hundreds of people call and email their best wishes after seeing the story on TV, the Huffington Post,, Tech Crunch and other social media web sites.”

The former Jason Sadler plans to blog, do social media and appear at conferences such as SWSX on behalf of the company.

“He’s a brilliant marketer,” Faith said via press release. “We are going to put him on our marketing advisory board.”

Faith says he’d love to keep Jason Headsetsdotcom on staff but feels it’s highly unlikely.

“It’s a one-year deal. We’d love to do it again next year, but I have a funny feeling its going to cost a lot more. I’m afraid we are going to be priced out,” Faith said.